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Our Services
Design-Build Residential and Commercial Construction
We are a full service company, providing residential and commercial new construction, remodeling and restoration. Whether you are looking to build your dream home or house a successful business, we can help you plan, design and build exactly what you envision.

     • Commercial and residential remodeling and restoration
     • New commercial construction
     • Custom homebuilding
     • Room additions
     • Kitchen and bath remodeling
     • Decks, patios and sunrooms

A New Building System for Unparalleled Energy Efficiency & Safety
With our green building method utilizing insulating concrete forms, we can provide better solutions for residential or commercial new construction and remodeling. The Quad Lock building system we employ offers unparalleled energy efficiency and safety ratings at comparable costs. With Quad-Lock we can now build walls up to a true R-Value of 40, which can save as much as 80% on heating & cooling costs. The thermal mass of the concrete combined with the EPS insulation keeps you warm when it's cold outside and keeps you cool when it's hot outside. This means more comfort in your home and more money in your pocket.

The building method utilizing insulated concrete forms is revolutionizing the global building industries for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial developments. Floor system, roof and tilt-up options are available to fit any project.

Our Commitment to You
Principal Jeff Cunningham is driven to provide the best quality, pricing and service. The following is an interview about his commitment to your project.

“I want to provide the client with something that they can enjoy and I love helping them. We take special care of their home or environment and do everything possible to protect it. I’m always looking for new products or ways to safeguard the existing structures or minimize our impact on the employee’s or family’s comfort. For instance, we have a new paint-on protective coating for the tub to help protect the finish when working around it. When doing a home addition, I try to leave cutting the door into the rest of the house as the last action, so the family can live in the house until the very end.

As for quality, we want to use the best materials, and we do. It is something we continue to improve on just like everything else. I don’t want to be complacent. We strive for the very best quality. I have a good group of trade guys who do a good job. I try to use them each time as we have the same mindset on providing a quality project. My work becomes my advertising.

Correct scheduling and timeliness comes with experience. I am a hands-on guy. I’m on the job pretty much every day. I will give the client a weekly update if I haven’t seen them for a few days. It says “here’s what we have done, this is what we are doing next week.” I will tell you about any issue that comes up and how to solve it. I try to let the client know who is coming to work in your house and what he is going to be doing. I don’t think you can communicate enough.

One of my goals in remodeling is to build a better house—make it more energy efficient. Such as using spray foam insulation. I want to use new technologies if it makes sense and is economical.

And another goal is that by the end of the project, I have a new friend. I feel I am in a partnership. I want to partner with the client to make the dream come true. Not everyone is going to appreciate a worker’s choice of music which can be heard through the wall. We have to be more sensitive to the homeowner. We want to think about those things and act accordingly.”

“I liked working with Jeff from start to finish.”
My wood deck was badly warped and splintered from long exposure to the sun. Jeff saved me a bundle by selecting a composite deck board rigid enough to be attached to the existing joists, which are spaced 24" apart. (Another bidder wanted to use a less rigid board and add joists, at considerably higher cost.) I liked working with Jeff from start to finish. He's creative, courteous, punctual, communicative, and conscientious about delivering value.
-Tom Anger

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